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Our Academic writing Practical Guide has in-depth support on all aspects of academic writing, including understanding the question and planning your work:

Planning an academic writing project

Doing any project takes time and academic writing projects are no exception. Planning it takes time; there's a lot to consider before you even start the planning process.

Here are ten #UoYTips on just that...

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Planning assignment structure

Once you've understood the task requirements, done some reading and come up with some ideas for what to include, you can start mapping out your assignment structure.

A good plan is key for a well-structured assignment - don't just launch into writing with no idea of where you're going!

This planning stage can also be a useful opportunity to think more deeply about the assignment and consider how the different ideas fit together, so it can help you develop your argument.

It's ok to make changes to your plan later - you might come up with more ideas, or another line of argumentation while writing. Make sure that you check the structure is still logical though!


Find out more about planning the general structure of an assignment: