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Open Research Skills Framework: a Practical Guide


This Practical Guide provides helpful support and links to recommended external resources for a range of open research practices.

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The Open Research Skills Framework provides an overview of open research practices and principles which can be applied to projects across all disciplines.

This framework was created in partnership with practitioners and is intended for researchers of all levels, and across all disciplines.

The Open Research team are keen to hear if you have any questions or thoughts on the framework, and particularly interested to hear from any researchers who are considering adapting the framework to suit their discipline:

What is open research?

The University's Open Research Statement outlines the core idea behind open research: "all aspects of the research cycle should be shared and accessible where possible. Research across all of our academic disciplines at York should be open as possible, as closed as necessary."

'Open research' or 'open science'?

These terms are sometimes used interchangeably, but are based on the same principles of collaboration and accountability. Open research is relevant to all researchers (not just scientists), but its applications will differ between disciplines.

Open research values

Open research is built on accessible, reusable, reproducible, collaborative and transparent practices. 


Research should allow anyone, whether from the academic community or general public, to access knowledge. 


Research data and publications can be interrogated, built upon and adapted.


Research methods and data are made available for others to replicate and validate.


Research should be promoted across borders, cultures and disciplines to create benefits for all.


Research should be open as possible, as closed as necessary.

Training sessions for postgraduate researchers and staff

The Open Research team offer training to postgraduate researchers and staff through the Building Research and Innovation Capacity (BRIC) programme.

To book a session go to: SkillsForge - Postgraduate Researchers or LMS - Staff (login required).

Next sessions:

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If you need information, take a look at the:

You can also contact the team by email to:

  • ask a question
  • request training for your department, research group, staff and/or postgraduate researchers

Alternatively, book an Open Research Online Appointment to discuss your individual needs.

Follow York Open Research on Twitter (@UoYOpenRes) for the latest updates and recommended resources from the Open Research team

What are OER?

OER (Open Educational Resources) are teaching and learning materials which are free to access and openly licensed to enable reuse.

OER can be built on the findings and outputs of open research, and encompass a range of formats including courseware, textbooks, games and videos. 

The White Rose Libraries OER Toolkit provides information and tools to help academic and library staff to understand, engage with, and sustain OER in their work and practice.

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