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Learning Technology - Practical Guide

Student Tech Top Tips

Available resources to assist with students during their time at University.

Student TechTips

Students from across the University in different departments have shared their top tips when using technology to study.

This page summarises these tips so you can make the most of your University experience.

Top tech tips from other students

About the Distractiblees

The distractibles

An Interactive peer-learning session to support neurodivergent staff & students.

Nathan's Top 3 Tech Tips

Nathan from the Department of Electronic Engineering shares his top tips:

Nathan's Top 3 Student Tech Tips [YouTube video]

Tips for sharing your screen

Anna from the Maths Skills Centre shares her tips for sharing what's on your screen - ok, we know she's not a student, but the tips are really useful!

How to magnify your screen

This could be useful to zoom in on part of your screen to take a screenshot, or to show to a tutor while maintaining social distance.

How to magnify your screen in Windows [YouTube video]

Zooming in on a Mac depends on your accessibility settings [Webpage]

How to take a screenshot

You can take a screenshot to create an image of what's on your screen - you can save this image or copy it into another document.

How to use the Snipping tool in Windows [YouTube video]

To take a screenshot on a Mac:

  • To save an image: press Cmd-Shift-4 and select the area to snip.
  • To copy to the clipboard: press Cmd-Ctrl-Shift-4 and select the area to snip.

Rhys & Natassja's notetaking tech tips

Rhys and Natassja from Economics tell us the tools they use to help with notetaking:

  • Rhys uses OneNote [Webpage] to let him make notes on lecture notes directly on his tablet.
  • Natassja uses Notability [Webpage] to write on handouts - either the PDF or taking a photo of paper handouts.
  • Natassja splits her screen so she can see lecture notes on the VLE and make notes at the same time.

Notetaking in lectures with a tablet [YouTube video]

Joe's Top 3 Tech Tips

Joe from the Department of Economics shares his top tips:

  • adding heading styles to your documents.
  • using Equatio to copy/paste equations
  • using Focus Booster [Webpage] to help concentrate and track where you're spending your time.

Video: Joe's Top 3 Student Tech Tips [YouTube video]

Find out more:

Read&Write - Rowan's top tips

Rowan from Biochemistry shows us their favourite features in Read&Write:

It helps you to pick up mistakes really easily and just makes it much easier to check your spelling, check your grammar, check your style, check your sentence length. The screen masking tool highlight lines that I’m reading; this is particularly useful at night when I might be a little bit more tired and need a little more help to pick out my lines. – Rowan

Read&Write - Rowan's top tips [5 min YouTube video]