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Learning Technology - Practical Guide


Available resources to assist with students during their time at University.

Accessibility & tech tips

This section gives you an overview of accessibility and some useful tips for using technology in a way that works for you.

Whether you have a disability or not, there is something here for everyone.

Key accessibility information

Accessibility tools

Accessibility tools can help everyone in some way. The University provides some tools you can use for free to make things easier. Whether you want to listen to journal articles, change font size and background colours, or see things more comfortably on a mobile or tablet, you'll find a range of tools here that can help you.

Digital Accessibility

Accessibility features

There are accessibility features in the operating systems that you may use already. Take a look at our "Accessibility" page, following the link below.

Create accessible documents

Forthcoming training sessions

Forthcoming sessions on :

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Accessibility concepts

The Accessibility Skills guide (linked above) contains information on 

  • customising your desktop or laptop to suit your needs
  • Navigation tips
  • Seeing things on screen more easily
  • Using heading styles

and many more useful things you may not realise are useful to you. Do visit the guide to find out more.



Accessible templates can make it easier to create accessible documents. Below are some templates you can download to use. Some of them have accessibility guidance built-in so you have a quick reminder as you build your own content.

  1. Brand - University of York branded presentations, posters etc
  2. Doc - Google Doc with accessibility guidelines
  3. Form - Payment 'Form' (Google Docs).
  4. LaTeX template.
    1. Maths Department PhD Thesis template
  5. Minutes, agendas and action log templates (Google Docs).
  6. R - Accessibility guidelines and template

Looking for a particular kind of template? Or maybe you have a template to contribute? Tell us what you need or have and we can build up a store of templates with your help! 

Request or suggestions for templates.

Use the drop down menu under Accessibility at the top of the page for an introduction to the most important tools or use the links below to move between pages.

If you need any materials in an alternative format, or if you have issues or queries after reviewing these guides, please contact the relevant team. You can find these contact details on the Home page.