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Digital Toolkit for Leaders



This toolkit is for participants of the Leadership in Action course. In the Toolkit boxes you will find suggested applications to use, both for activities on the course (e.g. collaborative presentations), and beyond in the work you do in your own roles (e.g. tools to use for more effective and agile teamwork). You'll also find links out to more detailed support material on how to use them. 

You will also see some case studies where others at York talk about what they have done to exploit technology more effectively in their teams, in their communications, or for their own personal effectiveness.

[Note for site developers: The idea is that eventually we will have some best practice examples in this toolkit, where people leading teams have done things and had particular results, in addition to what we currently have.)

Personal effectiveness

A tidy desk full of tech

Leaders need to keep track of everything that is going on in their team/s as well as their own tasks and information sources. Before you can introduce new tools to your team that can help you all with shared processes and workflows, and that can help them mange their work as individuals too, you will need to explore some of the common tools that people find useful to be organised and effective.

There are many things to think about. Here we consider some of the tools that can help you with getting organised, keeping track of different kinds of information, managing your time, and keeping up-to-date. We also point to resources for digital capabilities development.


Communicating with impact

Two sheep facing each other with open mouths

Good face-to-face communication is crucial for leaders, but often you will need to present your ideas and thoughts using digital tools too. If influencing and persuading others is a key part of your role you will need to be able to clearly and effectively get across your vision to others.

Understanding some of the ways that technology can help you with this can give you the edge. From using images and infographics effectively to underline ideas and visualise stats and evidence, to better use of word processing applications to save you time, here you will find lots of advice on how to use the tools available to you at the University and beyond for efficient and effective communication.


Team work

Photo of 6 linked hands

Leaders need to harness the technology available to them to empower their teams to work, share, and communicate together effectively.

Online collaborative tools can enable a more agile approach to working and the sharing of information. Team members can contribute ideas, join discussion and work on common tasks wherever they may be. At the University of York we have a suite of Google applications available that are designed to encourage collaboration. There are also several free, third party tools that can help.