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Welcome to your online guide to finding resources for English and Related Literature.
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Yorkshire Connections to Literature
You are on the Medieval page. Follow the links above to see the literature collections grouped by Period and Place.

Primary Sources - Online Resources

Primary Sources - Library print collection

  • Early English Text Society
    All the titles can be searched for individually using the library catalogue. Within the catalogue record you will find the number of the volume and which series it belongs to.
    Most of the works attributed to King Alfred or to Aelfric, along with some of those by bishop Wulfstan and much anonymous prose and verse from the pre-Conquest period, are to be found within the Society's three series; all of the surviving medieval drama (with the exception of the York Plays, due for publication within the next three years), most of the Middle English romances, much religious and secular prose and verse including the English works of John Gower, Thomas Hoccleve and most of Caxton's prints all find their place in the publications.
  • Camden Society Series
    This series comprises of 325 volumes in 5 series.
    The volumes are kept in the following locations in the JBM and RBL Libraries:
    • Old Series, Vol. 1 (1837)-v.104 (1871) = RBL Special Collections.
    • New Series, Vol. 1 (1871) – v.61 (1899), = Q journal section in the JBM Library.
    • Third Series, Vol. 1 (1900) – v. 94 (1963) = Q journal section in the JBM Library.
    • Fourth Series, Vol. 1-44(1964-1992) = Q journal section in the JBM Library.
    • Fifth Series, Vol.1 (1993) - onwards = Q journal section in the JBM Library.
    The volumes of the Camden Society Series which are shelved in the journal section of 'Q' can be borrowed as an ordinary loan items.
    The Old, New and Third series are shelved under 'Camden'. The Fourth and Fifth series are shelved under 'Royal Historical Society'.
    All the titles can be searched for individually using the library catalogue.

Primary Sources: Microfilms

Primary Sources: Special Collections

  • Mirfield Collection
    Contains much valuable early material. All the pre-1800 books, plus a few sets of the publications of historical record societies, such as the Royal Historical Society, and the Surtees Society, were deposited here on permanent loan in 1973.
    There are several incunabula, including an edition of St. Augustine's De civitate Dei, printed by Nicolas Jenson in Venice, 1475. Although the books are predominantly theological, there are many interesting works in other subjects: for example, the first collected edition of the works of Sir Philip Sidney (1598)


Secondary Sources: Databases & Indexes

Secondary sources - Journals

      The Chaucer Review                 Exemplaria journal                          Medieval Studies                              
  • Chaucer Review 
    Studies of language, sources, social and political contexts, aesthetics, and associated meanings of Chaucer's poetry, as well as articles on medieval literature, philosophy, theology, and mythography relevant to study of the poet and his contemporaries, predecessors, and audiences.
  • Exemplaria; a Journal of Theory in Medieval & Renaissance Studies 
    Providing a forum for different terminologies and different approaches, it has included symposia and special issues on teaching Chaucer, women, history and literature, rhetoric, medieval noise, and Jewish medieval studies and literary theory.
  • Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies 
    Fosters rigorous investigation of historiographical representations of European and western Asian cultural forms from late antiquity to the seventeenth century. Its topics include art, literature, theatre, music, philosophy, theology, and history, and it embraces material objects as well as texts; women as well as men; merchants, workers, and audiences as well as patrons; Jews and Muslims as well as Christians.
  • Journal of Medieval History 
    Meets the need for a major international publication devoted to all aspects of the history of Europe in the Middle Ages. Each issue comprises around four or five articles on European history, including Britain and Ireland, between the fall of Rome and the Renaissance
  • Mediaeval Studies 
    Most volumes are divided into three sections: "Texts" includes extensive editions with substantial introductions; "Articles" includes studies based on unedited or edited documents and texts and also includes studies of other monuments of medieval culture; "Mediaevalia" consists of notices or short articles on specific documents or topics.
  • Medium Aevum 
    Contains articles, notes, review articles and reviews on a range of medieval linguistic and literary topics in all major European languages
  • Speculum: a journal of mediaeval studies 
    Any and all aspects of the Middle Ages, including art, history, literature, philosophy and theology, music, science, law, and economics