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How to find the best resources for studying, teaching and researching education.

Books and Journals

Books are a great place to start your research. They contain useful summaries about what's happening in your field and can help you to establish the key theories and background of your research. As well as books specifically covering your subject, the Library also holds lots of titles to help you develop your study skills.

Books contain references to other resources that you can explore for more in-depth information when you have understood the basics.


Journals, sometimes called periodicals, are collections of articles published regularly. Articles contain the most-up-to-date research content and often go into more depth than books. They are a fantastic source of criticism and discussion of research.


How to find them

Use YorSearch, the Library catalogue. Some books will be available as e-books that you can access online from anywhere; look for the Electronic resource link in YorSearch..

Each of your modules will have a reading list of suggested books and all of your core or essential readings should be available for you to access online.

Many of the books you need will be located in the K section of the Library for Education, although you may also need to look elsewhere.

If you know the name of the journal you need, you can search for it in YorSearch. Most journals can be accessed online by logging in with your University username and password; look for the Full text available link. Some will also be available in print in the Library.


Official Publications

The Department for Education was formed in May 2010 and is the official government department reponsible for education (excluding Higher Education) and children's services. Their website provides details of Official Education Statistics in the UK.


Useful websites for teachers

These websites will be especially useful for students on PGCE programmes and are of interest to anyone wishing to keep up to date with issues relating to teaching and learning in schools.

Department of Education New Publications

The Department for Education run a number of RSS feeds from the latest news to the latest statistical releases. This is the feed for new publications:

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Legislation, Past and Present

See the Law Subject Guide for full details of searching for legal sources.

Quick links:

For current UK legislation in education, start with a search on Westlaw UK:

You may also find it helpful to look at this free online site: Legislation Online

For past legislation, search Justis:



Theses and Dissertations

Information about theses is available on the main Library website.

All University PhD and MPhil theses are available via YorSearch. Masters theses for some subjects are held in the Library for 6 years. 

All York research students registered in or after October 2009 are required to upload their theses into White Rose eTheses Online , a shared online respository for doctoral level theses from the Universities of York, Sheffield and Leeds.

You can also access theses from outside the University:


To start a more detailed search for articles and other research evidence, you'll need to use online databases. These are collections of resources that allow you to search for articles from hundreds of different journals at the same time.


Key databases for Education

Additional Education related databases

Other useful databases

Conference papers


All of the online data collections which the Library subscribes to are listed on the E-resources Guide Datasets and Statistics list.

Other useful websites