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Staff Digital Skills Framework:

a catalogue of Skills Guides resources

Here we've pulled together links to relevant Skills Guides and in-depth Practical Guides, and organised them according to the six skills of the Staff Digital Skills Framework...

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Our guide to using IT at York, from getting started to making the most of devices and tools.

Innovation, adaptability
& problem-solving

An exploration of digital solutions and a world of new possibilities.

Ethics &

The personal, practical and legal obligations of working online.

Personal effectiveness,
teamwork & collaboration

A look at collaborative tools and collaborative approaches for effective working.

media & data

Advice for finding, critically evaluating, and making good use of information and data.

Creation &

Methods for creating documents and presenting information effectively.

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You can use the filters below to explore skills training from the Library, IT, and Learning Services, including sessions for staff and researchers. To book onto a session, follow the link in the session information below, logging into the booking system when prompted.

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We also run a number of specialised training sessions for staff and research postgraduates: