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What does that mean again?

We try and use straight-forward language to talk about our resources and services, but nevertheless if you're new to University there's a whole load of terms you may not have used before. If you come across a word or phrase and you're wondering what it really means, check out the Library Language guide, which includes over 125 definitions.

The Library website

At the moment you're looking at the UoYTips Subject Guide. There are also Subject Guides for each Department here at York, full of useful information and links to the key resources: pick your Department from this list and have a look.

Over on the main library website there's a whole wealth of additional information which you can explore over time, but here we wanted to point you to a few pages to get you started. These will open in a new window so you can keep this list open.

  • Information for new students. This contains some great introductory advice on using our resources, and a to-do list of activities to get you going
  • Locations and opening hours. We have several library spaces both on campus and in town. This tells you where they are, the kinds of things they have in them, and when they're open - though the main campus library is open all the time
  • Borrowing. How many books can you borrow? How long can you keep them for? Will you get fined? The answers to all those questions and more can be found on the Borrowing page. (Although for the record the answers to those specific queries are: 75, we operate a Flexible Loans system which allows 8 weeks for books unless someone else requests them, and there's no fines unless someone else requests the item and you don't bring it back within the time stated in the email...)
  • LibAnswers. Answers to the library questions we get asked the most. If you don't find what you're looking for, submit a new question and we'll email you back.
  • IT Services for new users. A page to introduce you to what IT offers students and staff.

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