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The Digital Workplace: a Practical Guide


Resources to help prepare you for the workplace. This guide covers job hunting, interview skills, communication and networking.

The Digital Workplace: a Practical Guide

The world of work is changing, and digital skills are now more important than ever. But what exactly are digital skills, and how can you learn and incorporate them, from the job search to your dream career?

This Practical Guide provides resources and information on the digital skills needed for tomorrow's workplace, including online collaboration, digital creativity, and social media for business.

How to use this guide


This guide is designed so you can either read through the pages and learn about everything, or choose specific content to look at. Wherever you find the pencil icon you'll find exercise materials to put your skills into practice.

Preparing for work

The York Futures programme gives you the opportunity to develop your skills, strengths, and leadership qualities, preparing you to impress employers or even start your own business.

The courses below contain resources to help you to prepare for the new digital workplace.

Career skills

Courses to help you to identify your goals and start thinking about career plans.

General digital skills

Not quite sure where to start? The links below cover all kind of digital skills, from sending emails to virtual collaboration.