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The Library is not just its resources. It’s a space to work, to collaborate and sometimes to socialise too.

The main library buildings are on Campus West, up on the hill near that scary water tower. There's a bridge straight to our front door from Vanbrugh, and another bridge to us from Alcuin. Bring along your University card so you can get in and borrow things.

Find us on the map.

Fairhurst, Morrell, and Burton: Fairhurst is a long building of brick and glass from the 1990s, behind the Library lawn; Morrell is concrete and windows from the 1960s and is immediately over the Library Bridge; Burton is metal, glass, and render from the 2000s and is on the Alcuin side of the Library




You enter the library through the Morrell, which has four floors and most of our books. Turn right to the Burton for silent study and the Borthwick Archives, or left to the Fairhurst for group study and flexible furniture.

To study in the Archives, you’ll need to book an appointment and request your materials in advance.

Our buildings are a mixture of Silent Zones, Quiet Zones and Studious Buzz Zones. Choose the Zone that helps you work best. Find out more about all the different kinds of spaces we have, and find the link to book your study space, on our Study Spaces page.

We also have a Library at King’s Manor (map), and the York Minster Library, both of which are in the city centre.

And if you can’t get to campus, there’s always Library Home From Home: Zoom backgrounds, an online feedback wall, and the incredibly popular Sounds of the Morrell #StudyWithMe video… You’d be amazed how much putting it on through headphones can help you concentrate while you're studying!

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