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Organise your work

This is your online guide to finding resources for Physics

Manage your references

In academic writing it is important to support your arguments with appropriate references.
You should familiarise yourself with your department's chosen referencing style:

EndNote logo Paperpile logo

Managing what you find can be difficult, especially if you're working on a big piece of work that relies on a lot of references. Reference management software lets you keep track of what you've found: you can group and organise your references, keep notes, and store pdfs online for easy access. You can even automatically cite your references as you write up your work.
See the Reference Management Skills Guide for more information.

Select the right IT tools

Google Drive logo Use Google Drive to create, edit and share web-based documents. You can also collaborate online and back up your work.

Download Microsoft Office for free on up to five different devices. This includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint and can be backed up on OneDrive. Office 365 logo

Organise your notes

Evernote logo OneNote logo

Evernote and OneNote can help you keep organised when doing your research. Write notes or lists as you read, record the audio of an interview, and store photos or screenshots. Then access it all from the web or any mobile device.

Make your publications open access

Open Access logoAre you publishing your research? If so, you need to know about open access. Find out how to increase the visibility of your publications and ensure that you meet research funder and REF open access requirements.

Distinguish yourself

ORCID logoORCID gives researchers and authors a single unique ID. Discover how having an ORCID iD can benefit you as a researcher.

What counts in bibliometrics

Example of an h-indexVisit our practical guide to bibliometrics to discover how you can find and use article, author, journal and alternative indicators to analyse scholarly publications.

Manage your research data

Research Data ManagementLearn more about how to plan, organise, store, document and share your research data successfully.

La tecnología de big data revolucionará la seguridad de la información by infocux Technologies, used under CC BY-NC 2.0 license / Colour change and resize from original.

Know your copy rights

Copyright logoVisit the practical guide to copyright for University students and staff.

Consider how much you can copy for private study, for an assessment, or to share with classmates, students or colleagues. Decide how best to protect your own copyright when you communicate your work.