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Introduction to OrbitDoc


Introduction to TextHelp's new version of PDF reader.


Introduction to OrbitDoc

OrbitDoc allows you to transform and interact with documents in a completely different way. Create an accessible, dynamic and collaborative space that works for everyone.

Download OrbitDoc

The best way to start playing around with OrbitDoc is to add the browser extension to your Chrome browser. Follow the link below to install the extension.

What can OrbitDoc be used for?

OrbitDoc makes PDFs accessible and actionable. When paired with Snapverter (see below), you can easily convert handwritten or printed text into a PDF. You can then use OrbitDoc to access it's useful tools, such as text to speech, highlighting and vocabulary support to edit the PDF.

Gives you multiple ways to demonstrate knowledge and give feedback. OrbitDoc allows you to express your understanding in many flexible ways. You can type or draw your thoughts on the page. You can highlight the key points in a comprehension piece or help with studying. You can use your voice to send thoughts and feedback, and finally you can add shapes and images to your work. 

Boosts productivity, connections and collaboration. Using OrbitDoc allows for seamless collaboration, for example, you could leave a quick voice note to offer feedback and areas for improvement. Others can then access the voice note and make changes to their work. Pen and paper projects can become digital spaces for working together, allowing collaboration between lecturers and students, as well as for group projects and tasks.

Create digital math in PDFs. You can use Read&Write and EquatIO together in PDFs, to create engaging and accessible digital math worksheets that can be completed and returned for feedback from anywhere, without the need to print any paper resources.

Features at a glance

OrbitDoc includes many features that can assist you with your learning using PDFs:

  • Text to Speech: Reads words, passages, or whole documents aloud with easy-to-follow dual colour highlighting.

  • Text: Lets you type text on top of the PDF

  • Pushpin: Ideal for making notes or adding instructions or other helpful hints to a PDF assignment

  • Freehand Drawing: To scribble and draw on your PDF to complete assignments or highlight important information.

  • Shapes Drawing: For creating circles, rectangles and lines with customised lines and fill colour.

  • Text and Voice comments: For collaboration, showing understanding and giving feedback

  • Highlighters: Collect highlights from text in documents or the web for summarising research and to create bibliographies.

Watch this short video of these features in action:


Snapverter is an easy to use add-on for Read&Write and OrbitDoc for Google Chrome that transforms handwritten and printed papers and files into readable PDF documents for easy sharing and reading aloud via Google Drive.

Watch this short video on how to use Snapverter with Google Drive.

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