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Learning Technology - Practical Guide

Wikis, Blogs and Journals

Available resources to assist with students during their time at University.

Wikis, Blogs and Journals

Wikis, Blogs and Journals provide students and instructors with social learning spaces and tools to express their thoughts, reflect on their learning, either privately (with the instructor) or publicly (with others in the course), and work collaboratively on documents and projects.

These tools allow all course users to create and share ideas, while instructors maintain the ability to edit or remove any inappropriate material.

Create collaborative content using interactive tools


Wikis are used to create collaborative sites.

They're often used for longer-term group projects, or for a collaborative course FAQ site.

Advanced: adding media, files and links

As well as posting text, you can also add images, videos and other media and link to other sites.

Embedding, uploading media/files and creating links in Discussion Forums, Wikis, Blogs and Journals [YouTube]

Blogs and Journals

Blogs and Journals let you post work, either individually or as a group.

Blogs can be seen by everyone on the module. One way they're used is to give peer feedback.

Journals can only be seen by you and the module staff. This might be used as a reflective journal, or for the tutor to give you feedback.