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Learning Technology - Practical Guide

Introduction to OrbitDoc

Available resources to assist with students during their time at University.


Introduction to OrbitDoc

OrbitDoc allows you to transform and interact with PDFs in a completely different way.

Download OrbitDoc

The best way to start playing around with OrbitDoc is to add the browser extension to your Chrome browser. Follow the link below to install the extension.

Features at a glance

OrbitDoc includes many features that can assist you with your learning using PDFs:

  • Text to Speech: Reads words, passages, or whole documents aloud with easy-to-follow dual colour highlighting.

  • Text: Lets you type text on top of the PDF

  • Pushpin: Ideal for making notes or adding instructions or other helpful hints to a PDF assignment

  • Freehand Drawing: To scribble and draw on your PDF to complete assignments or highlight important information.

  • Shapes Drawing: For creating circles, rectangles and lines with customised lines and fill colour.

  • Text and Voice comments: For collaboration, showing understanding and giving feedback

  • Highlighters: Collect highlights from text in documents or the web for summarising research and to create bibliographies.

Watch this short video of these features in action:

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