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Social Data & Statistics

Welcome to your online guide to finding resources for law.

Economic and social data sources

All of the online data collections which the Library subscribes to are listed on the E-resources Guide Datasets and Statistics list.

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Zanran helps you find semi-structured data which is free-to-access on the Web, e.g. graphs, tables and charts.

Try a search on e.g. crime uk to see the kind of results that are identified.

Google Public Data Explorer

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Use a Google interface to customise and visualize data from free-to-access sources.

Quick reference sources

Quick reference publications provide snapshots of recent social and economic data about countries and regions. This type of resource is not suitable if you wish to investigate how an issue has changed over time.

UK statistics

  OECD iLibrary can be used to obtain data about the UK (and other EU countries).  However, the most in-depth collection of social and economic statistics about the UK is free-to-access on the National Statistics website, maintained by the state-run Office of National Statistics.

European Union statistics

Eurostat imageSocial and economic datasets for all EU member states are usually freely-available online from the appropriate government institution. 

Sources which enable you to easily compare results from different countries include:

International data collections

When undertaking a research project in the social sciences, you may require evidence from published social or economic datasets to support your assertions. Perhaps you need to compare several variables over time in order to draw conclusions about the relationships between them, or gather all the available data about a country or region to inform your analysis of the political, economic or social situation.

To support your research, the University of York Library subscribes to OECD iLibrary. In addition to these sources, UK higher education users have access to data on the UK Data Service (free of charge).

Other statistical sources