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Official Publications

Welcome to your online guide to finding resources for law.

Official publications

An official publication is a document issued by an official body, for example government agencies and parliament. 

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Command papers

Command Papers are Government publications presented to Parliament. The term 'command' comes from the following statement carried on the papers: "Presented to Parliament by the Secretary of State for Command of Her Majesty".

Command Papers are State Papers, White Papers, Green Papers, Government Responses to Select Committee reports, reports of Committee Commission and some annual reports and statistics from Government departments.


The official report of debates, questions and other proceedings in the House of Commons and the House of Lords chambers and committees.


Bills set out proposals for new laws, and plans to change existing laws, that are presented before Parliament.  They include Public Bills, Private Bills, and Private Members' Bills.

Historical publications

Useful websites

The following websites provide general information about Government process, policies and departments.