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IT Support for International Students

IT Support for International Students

The university IT webpages will give you the full range of services and support we can offer, but here we've provided some links that we think will be most helpful in getting new international students started with IT service at the University of York. 

Your IT account

When you join the university, you will be given a username and email address for your It account. Your username, password and email address are important - you will need these to access your VLE, university e-resources, university computer facilities, printers and to connect to eduroam wifi.

Your password is important, do not give it out. The university will not send any emails asking for your password. You should not try to share library or IT accounts. 

If you think you account has been compromised in any way, please contact IT services immediately. 

For more information about staying safe online, check the IT security webpages


Using and obtaining software through the university

Google Drive logo Use Google Drive to create, edit and share web-based documents. You can also collaborate online and back up your work.

Download Microsoft Office for free on up to five different devices. This includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint and can be backed up on OneDrive. Office 365 logo

computer room

Working in another language

  • The University of York recommends using Google docs, as this provides an easy way to back up your work and share documents if you wish. Google docs does support the spellcheck and grammar functions in other languages, so if you need to submit work in English but want to take notes in another language, you can set up different docs on your drive to do this. There is also a basic translate function on this although this will not translate work to an academic standard and any use of it would need extensive proofreading. 
  •  Prefer to dictate work rather than type? Google docs have a Type with your voice function, enabling you to dictate to a written document. This tool is an automatic part of the Google suite and also works in multiple languages.
  •  Laptop or keyboard purchased overseas? There can sometimes be issues with computer equipment which is designed for use with different alphabets or characters. If you are having difficulty following IT instructions because your keyboard does not have all the same characters, please contact the IT support office and we will do our best to resolve the situation - other work arounds can often be found. 
  •  We have managed pc classrooms and loanable laptops available in the library. You cannot download new progams onto these managed computers. This includes translation and character conversion software. 

Accessing University work outside the UK

If you stay on at the University of York following your pre-sessional programme, you may need to access your university files not only off campus, but overseas.

The Virtual Desktop Service (VDS) gives you secure access to a virtual Windows 7 or Windows 10 desktop. You can connect to the VDS from most devices, including your tablet or laptop. This service enables you to use software installed on our classroom pcs off campus, as well as to access your filestore. Visit the IT webpages to set up VDS.

You can also use the Virtual Private Network (VPN) to securely access the university network. This enables you to access your filestore but also to log in to services as if you were on campus. Visit the It webpages to find out more about the VPN