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Missing Characters

Who's gone missing?


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The Calamitous Occurrence of the Missing Characters

The University Library is in a state of chaos as characters from the book collection have escaped and dispersed themselves all over the building. Librarians think that the cause was the laser in the book return machine was too powerful and was unintentionally causing destruction every time a book was returned. Fortunatley the Head Librarian has discovered that, if the right keyword is identified, all the characters can be recalled to their books.  

Your task is to help track down all the missing characters from their hiding places around the Library buildings, and in doing so, discover the keyword that will summon them all back to their rightful places. 

Special Collections

Special Collection contains books that are judged to be too old, rare or valuable to be stored on the open shelves. It includes books published before 1850, books with special bindings or illustrations, and books specially connected with York and the University. 

Many different subjects are covered in the Special Collection but there is an emphasis on illustrated children's books, on literature, on natural history, and on early science. 

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