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Environment and Geography


Welcome to your online guide to finding resources for Environmental Science, Environmental Economics and Ecology, and Environmental Geography


This page contains useful links to useful information sources on the web. They are grouped together by topic below. Click on the topic to reveal the links included. 

Societies and other organisations (click to reveal)

CAB International - international, intergovernmental service for information, publishing & scientific services in support of sustainable development, with emphasis on agriculture, forestry, human health and the management of natural resources.

Centre for Ecology and Hydrology - Funded by the Natural Environment Research Council. The Windermere Laboratory is also home to the Freshwater Biological Association.

Friends of the Earth - has pointers to many other sources of environmental information. International (US) site

Greenpeace International

Institute for European Environmental Policy - independent body for the analysis and advancement of environmental policies in Europe undertaking research on the European dimension of environmental protection, with a major focus on the development, implementation and evaluation of the environmental policy of the European Union, international bodies and national governments.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration US Organisation.

Natural Environment Research Council - one of the Research Councils funding and managing UK research.

Soil Association - campaigning and certification body for organic food and farming. Develops and provides practical and sustainable solutions which combine food production and environmental protection and human health.

U.S. Geological Survey- contains a lot of environmental information.

World Watch - non profit public policy research organization dedicated to informing policymakers and the public about emerging global problems and trends and the complex links between the world economy and its environmental support systems.

Directories of environmental resources (click to reveal)

DEFRA - statistics relating to the environment, rural communities food and farming from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Digest of Environmental Statistics - key reference document produced by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), a handy tool to assist informed discussion of environmental policies and developments in both the UK and international arenas.

EarthTrends - portal for environmental matters, provided by the World Resources Institute. Divided into sub-sections including population and health, agriculture, and Environmental Governance and Institutions.

Ecosustainable Hub - resources and tools that made available to visitors and researchers without charge.

ENDS (Environmental Data Services) environmental links - a selective major collection of resources.

Environmental Organization WebDirectory - a searchable resource directory. -  Environment and Environmental quality website - gateway to US government science information and research results

General environment services (click to reveal)

CIA World Fact Book - Mostly useful guide to facts and potted commentaries on the countries of the world. Includes freely available downloadable version.

United Nations Atlas of the Oceans - information system designed for policy makers who need to become familiar with ocean issues and by scientists, students and resource managers who need access to underlying databases and approaches to sustainability.

Digital mapping resources (click to reveal)

The Library's resources and futher information can be found on the GISc (Geographical Information Science) and Maps page

Biodiversity (click to reveal)

Biodiversity Heritage Library - Ten major North American natural history museum libraries, botanical libraries, and research institutions form this Project. Access to full text items in including journals and books as well as promotion of the use and inclusion of Open Access resources.

Climate change and weather (click to reveal)

British Atmospheric Data Centre - the Natural Environment Research Council's (NERC) Designated Data Centre for the Atmospheric Sciences, and is sited at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.

Climate Care - is a company aiming to help individuals and organisations reduce their own impact on global warming. Includes Carbon Dioxide CO2) Calculator that will calculate the amount of CO2 your household produces.

Climatic Research Unit - University of East Anglia. Information on the work of the Unit and links to other climate information sources.

Greenhouse gases & the Kyoto Protocol - data collected by the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) for the international summit in the Hague, November 2000.

NOAA's Drought Information Center - a roundup of the various NOAA websites and information on drought and climate conditions. US and Global perspectives.

Meteorological Society - A forum for meteorologists, both amateur and professional, to interact.

UK Meteorological Office - a clear and easy to navigate site.

World Meteorological Organization

Energy (click to reveal)

American Wind Energy Association - includes many links to other wind energy resources.

International Energy Agency - the energy forum for 23 industrialised countries (including Australia, Canada, France, Japan, United Kingdom, United States).

United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA)

World Energy Outlook - a divisional team of the International Energy Agency. In even-numbered years the organisation publishes a global energy survey, providing projections 20 to 30 years into the future, of energy demand, energy supply and CO2 emissions. 

Environmental news services (click to reveal)

Environmental News Network - gathers material from many sources, including wire services, government agencies, industry, special interest groups, correspondents and environmental professionals. News Service - a regularly-updated news feature service offered by the world's largest independent website devoted solely to sustainable human development.

Datasets (click to reveal)

Center for International Earth Science Information Network - data and information resources on human interactions with the environment (including global warming).

EnviroLink Library - collection of new and current environmental related research and literature.

Environmental Change Network - the UK's integrated long-term environmental monitoring network to collect, store, analyse and interpret long-term data based on a set of key physical, chemical and biological variables which drive and respond to environmental change.

Environmental Data Services (ENDS) - UK and European focus. Includes information and full text of some articles, abstracts of others, from the ENDS Report.

NOAA Science on a Sphere Data Set Catalog - search engine allowing users to search for publicly available environmental data held by public and private sources worldwide, includes descriptions related to climatology, meteorology, ecology, pollution, geology, oceanography, and remote sensing satellites.

The National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service (NESDIS) - a US Government site, providing various types of environmental data. 

Windspeed Database - Department of Energy and Climate Change . Please note, the data used in this database is historical and has not been updated since approximately 2000, see the database website for more details.

World Development Indicators (WDI) - the World Bank's annual compilation of data about development organized in six sections: world view, people, environment, economy, states and markets, and global links. Text available on line though only limited data tables available. (Full tables are available in the JB Morrell Library at shelfmark Quarto F 3 WOR).

World Conservation Monitoring Centre - a good site for biodiversity information.

National (UK) environmental law (click to reveal)


Open Government Organisation Index - This is an alphabetical listing of UK government bodies on the internet.

Government Bodies

Environment Agency - a non-departmental public body established by the Environment Act 1995 and sponsored by the Department of the Environment.
Natural Resources Wales - the Government's statutory adviser on sustaining natural beauty, wildlife and the opportunity for outdoor enjoyment in Wales and its inshore waters.
Department of the Environment Food and Rural Affairs
Natural England - promotes the conservation of England's wildlife and natural features. Set up by the Environmental Protection Act 1990, a statutory body funded by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.
Food Standards Agency - independent food safety watchdog set up by an Act of Parliament in 2000 to protect the public's health and consumer interests in relation to food.
Health and Safety Executive - its role is to ensure that risks to people's health and safety from work activities are properly controlled.
HM Customs and Excise - a Government department with responsibility for collecting billions of pounds in revenue each year in VAT, other taxes and customs duties.
Scottish Environmental Protection Agency - public body responsible for environmental protection in Scotland. SEPA regulates potential pollution of natural waters and the air and the storage, transportation and disposal of controlled waste and the keeping of radioactive materials. 
Scottish Natural Heritage - aims include safeguarding and enhance Scotland's natural heritage, fostering awareness and understanding of the natural heritage, promoting enjoyment and responsible public access to natural heritage, encouraging public support and voluntary effort for the benefit of the environment; promoting improvement of the natural heritage in and around towns and cities, and encouraging environmental sustainability in all forms of economic activity.
Department for Transport - responsible for overseeing the delivery of a reliable, safe and secure transport system that responds efficiently to the needs of individuals and business whilst safeguarding the environment.

Legislation and Judgments

Legislation - statues and regulations from all parts of the UK since 1988 published by The Stationery Office (TSO).

Regional Assemblies (Devolved administrations)

Department of the Environment (Northern Ireland Executive)

Scottish Government Environment site 

Environment Committee National Assembly for Wales

Other Sources

Hansard (House of Commons Debates)
Hansard (House of Lords Debates)
Her Majesty's Stationery Office website - complements the Official Documents website. Among other functions HMSO oversees the printing and publication of all UK legislation and related official materials and advises government departments on all aspects of official publishing.
Law Commission - independent body set up by Parliament in 1965 (along with a similar Commission for Scotland) to keep the law of England and Wales under review and to recommend reform when it is needed. UK law is a combination of the common law - decisions of judges of the higher courts - and of statute law enacted or authorised by Parliament.
Official Documents (UK Gov) - contains a selection of Government titles covering a very broad range of topics including the economy, work and welfare, health, transport and the environment. There are two main groups of documents: Command Papers (sometimes known as White or Green Papers) and House of Commons Papers. The latter category includes many Annual Reports from Government bodies including all the principal Executive Agencies and the annual Financial Statement and Budget Report and Pre-Budget Report. Acts of Parliament and Statutory Instruments can be found on the Her Majesty's Stationery Office website.

European environmental law (click to reveal)

EU Institutions

Court of Justice of the EU - includes judgments from 1997 to present.

Council of the European Union - a European Community institution exercising the powers conferred upon it by the Treaties.

Europa - the online site of the European Union.

European Commission Environment Directorate General - online information website of the EU's Environmental Directorate.

European Environment Agency - supports sustainable development to help achieve significant and measurable improvement in Europe's environment.

European Parliament

European Parliament Environment Committee - responsible for matters relating to environmental policy and environmental protection measures, public health, consumer policy, and the monitoring accompanying the implementation of current expenditure for which it has responsibility, on the basis of periodic reports provided by the Commission.

Official Documents

ECOLEX - a gateway to environmental designed to use IUCN's Environmental Law Information System (ELIS) as its core archival system and links to full text information available with UNEP's Computerised Environmental Law Information Base (CELIB) and other authoritative sources.

EUR-LEX - a comprehensive picture of EU legislation and the decision-making procedures from their concept to their conclusion. The EUR-Lex site incorporates a single entry point to the complete collections of EU legal texts as found in CURIA, CELEX and the official document repositories managed by EUR-OP. Official journal, treaties, cases, and consolidated environmental law currently in force.

Prelex database containing a complete list of pending environmental proposals.

WWF European Policy Office

International environmental law (click to reveal)

Council of Europe -  Don't confuse with the European Union as the two organisations are quite distinct!

Environmental Law Alliance - gives public interest lawyers and scientists around the world the skills and resources they need to protect the environment through law.

Environmental Protection Agency (US) - provides the comprehensive Access EPA document describing environmental information, as well as a number of other pointers to Information Locators that can be obtained from the EPA and related organisations.

Environmental Treaties and Resource Indicators - a comprehensive online search service for finding information about environmental treaties and national resource indicators.

International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) Linkages - multimedia resource site aimed at environmentally and development policy makers. Incorporates The Earth Negotiations Bulletin

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development - an international organisation helping governments tackle the economic, social and governance challenges of a globalised economy.

United Nations Environment Programme Executive Center - describes the various conventions and treaties currently in force providing technical guidelines and downloadable documents and, in addition, details related and future programmes and activities.

Teaching and learning (click to reveal)

Watershed Academy - set of self-paced training modules providing a basic but broad introduction to the many facets of watershed management. Includes Slide show/lectures, exercises, on-line downloadable documents, hot links to related sites and self-tests.