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Selected shelf locations for publications relevant to Economics:

DA Social policy
DA 1.6+ Welfare state
DA 2+ Health services
F Historical Statistics
F 3 International macroeconomic statistics e.g. IMF, UN, OECD
F 4 - F 8 Economic and social statistics by country/region:  demographics, trade, industry, public finance, social trends
  F 4+   Europe
  F 4.2   UK
  F 7.3   USA
  F 8   Latin America
G Economics
G 0.1+ Economic theory; microeconomics; macroeconomics
G 0.1 MAR Marx: economic theory
G 0.15 Capitalism
G 0.153 Market economy; liberalism
G 0.156 Keynesian economics
G 0.18 Economic analysis, forecasting; econometrics
G 0.182 Mathematical modelling
G 0.19D Social economics
G 0.19DA   Social policy, social services: economics
G 0.19DA2 Health economics
G 0.19HB3 Defence economics
G 0.9+ Economic history by country/region, e.g.
 G 0.94+    Europe
 G 0.942+    UK
 G 0.947+    Russia; USSR
 G 0.951+    China
 G 0.954+    India
 G 0.973+    USA
 G 0.981+    Brazil
G 1 Labour economics
G 1.4 Women's employment
G 1.67 Migrant workers
G 2+ Financial economics
G 2.6 Investment, capital markets
G 3.9+ Environmental economics
G 5.7+ Accounting
G 5.73 Financial statements
G 5.74 Cost-benefit analysis
G 5.8+ Management
G 5.815 Financial management
G 5.83 Human resource management
G 5.85 Production management
G 5.851 Project management
G 7.3 Sanctions, embargoes; protection
G 7.9 Economic integration, including EU
G 7.92 Imperialism, colonies
G 8 Industrial economics
G 8.01 Growth
G 8.016 Profit; loss
G 8.1+ Agriculture
G 8.27282 Oil, petroleum
G 8.45 IT industry, digital economy
G 8.9+ Economic development, planning
G 8.91 Developing countries
G 8.92 Nationalization; priviatization
G 8.93 International economic agreements
G 8.932 Aid
G 9.46+ Poverty
GA 2 International economics; globalization
HA Public Administration
HA 1+ Public administration by region/country, e.g.
HA 1.4 Europe
HA 1.42 UK
HA 1.73 USA
HA 3+ Local government
S Mathematics
S 9+ Probability
S 9.1 Game theory
S 9.2 Simulation: causality, bargaining, uncertainty, risk
S 9.3 Stochastic processes; random sets
SF 1.G Statistical methods for economics
SK Computer Science
SK 98.G IT applications for economics, banking, finance
SK 98.GA E-commerce