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Data: a Practical Guide

Other sources

Final prototype for the Data practical guide.

Other sources

Where else might you find data and statistics?

Secondary sources

You may find useful statistics reported in journal articles. Someone else may have already done research in the area you're interested in. Scholars usually publish their findings in journal articles, including some of the data. You will also find stats in newspapers and magazines. Do be critical of your sources and follow them up though to be sure they are reputable and authoritative sources though.

The Library subscribes to many databases for searching for journal articles and other secondary sources. See your own Library Subject Guide for which databases to try when searching for journal articles.

Search engine searching

Searching the web can be a minefield. Here are some tips for searching on the web for statistics:

  • Add in words like data or statistics to your search terms

  • You can search particular sites or domains using advanced search functionality. For example, the site command in Google. A search for site:gov entered in with your keywords will only search sites with gov in the URL. See individual Help sections on search engines for more information.

  • YorSearch and other Library catalogues tell you about particular titles a Library has in stock, some of which may be statistical in nature. The word statistics will be in the subject terms field, so you can use this word in a subject terms search in the advanced search. 


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