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Coronavirus and the Library

Bookable study spaces FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions on our bookable study spaces

Bookable study spaces FAQs 

To study in the Library you now need to book using this web site

(Library study spaces cannot be used unless you've got a booking).

More information about our study spaces can be found by clicking on an FAQ below.

Do I need to book to study in the library?

Yes. Spaces will only be available by booking. We recommend you book in advance of arriving at the Library to guarantee an available space.

How long can I book a study space for?

A mix of full day and half day study spaces are available. Half day spaces are available either 9am - 12.30am or 1pm - 4.30pm. All day spaces are available from 9am - 4.30pm.

How many study spaces are available in the Library?

Study spaces are currently available to book at the main University Library and at King's Manor Library. We will update this page and our booking system as further spaces become available.

We have a total of 559 study spaces available across our locations, as follows:

  • The Morrell building has 272 single, socially-distanced study spaces, 27 single study rooms and 4 accessible study spaces.
  • The Burton building has 49 single, socially-distanced study spaces.
  • The Fairhurst building has 174 single, socially-distanced study spaces, 1 single study room and 2 accessible study spaces.
  • King's Manor Library has 29 single, socially-distanced study spaces and 1 accessible study space.

There are currently no group study areas available in any of the Library buildings in order to ensure social distancing.

For the purposes of this total, an 'accessible' space is one with a height-adjustable desk which can be accessed using a wheelchair.

Who is the service available for?

Currently this service is only available to University of York students and staff.

How many bookings can I make per week?

There is currently no limit to how many bookings you can make per week on the system.


Are study space bookings for a specific seat?

Study space bookings are for an area of the Library buildings rather than a specific seat. You can use any of the available seats in the area that you've booked.

Are group study spaces available?

Currently all of the study spaces in the Library are single occupancy to ensure social distancing. We will keep this under review as government guidelines change.

Do I need to wear a face-covering when using study spaces?

You are obliged to wear a face covering when visiting the Library buildings. If you don't have one or forget to bring it then we will provide you with one. You may remove your face covering when working alone in a single-occupancy study room, but must wear it at all other times in our buildings.


Can I cancel my booking after it has started?

Unfortunately you can only cancel your booking before it has started. Cancellation links are provided in the confirmation and reminder emails you have received about your bookings. If you have any questions about this please get in touch.

Will the desks be cleaned?

Cleaning materials will be provided for you to clean your study space before and after use. In addition, the Library is cleaned every day with a full clean undertaken before the Library opens, additional checks and cleaning also takes place across the rest of the day e.g. of touch point areas and toilets.

What is the capacity of each study space?

To see the total capacity of each space you need to be looking at the weekly view (see icon) on the Study Room booking system.

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We're updating these FAQs on a regular basis, so be sure to check here for the latest updates.

If you have a question but it isn't listed here, please contact us for further advice:

This video tells you about the changes taking effect from Monday 14 September:

And this video tells you about the new bookable study spaces: