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Computer Science

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Welcome to your online guide to finding resources for Computer Science!

Choosing the right resources

As a Computer Science student, you are expected to find and use high quality literature. You'll need to use a range of different sources and demonstrate your ability to find good results in order to impress your tutors and to develop your research skills. Our online Skills Guides have lots more useful information about planning and running your searches. 


Computer Science books are located in the SK section on the third floor of the JB Morrell Library. Many books will also be available online as e-books. Look for the links in YorSearch, under the View It section of each book.

Past exam papers and theses

You can access past exam papers which have been selected by Computer Science in our Digital Collections, which you can find linked to in the top pane in YorSearch.

Useful websites

Societies and other organisations
Online reference sources

Find research papers


When literature searching you will need to include research papers, which you can find via online databases. This allows you to search from multiple journals at the same time. 

For tips on how to run an efficient and effective search, visit our search skills webpages


Key Computer Science resources
Additional resources

British Standards Online

Access to the full British Standards is available through British Standards Online (BSOL). Please note that  we do not have access to the unadopted ASTM, ISO and IEC standards that can also be found on BSOL.

Using operators

iconMost databases allow you to enter elaborate controlled searches using special words and characters ("operators")...

Problems finding resources?

Tips on what to try if we don't have access via the Library:

  1. Try Google Scholar
    Google Scholar includes links to freely available PDFs and alternate versions of articles.

  2. Search institutional repositories
    If the article you need was written by someone at a university, they might have placed a copy in their institutional repository. Look at their website for more details.

  3. Apply for it using our free Interlending Service
    We can source articles and books from elsewhere.

  4. Visit other libraries
    You can access items at other libraries. Apply to the Library for a SCONUL Access card so that you can access other UK university libraries or visit the British Library at Boston Spa. Book a place on our free weekly minibus. 

  5. Contact your Academic Liaison Librarian
    Stuck? Email for advice.