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We have many Graphic novels available in our collection. Over the past few years we have been broadening the graphic novel collection in the hope that they will offer greater accessibility and a more inclusive environment to students with learning differences as well as those who would like to learn via a less traditional format. If you would like us to add other graphic novels to our collection, please fill in the purchase request form

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Selected shelf locations for publications relevant to Politics:

A Philosophy
A 70+ Morals, rights
A 72 Ethics
A 79.9 Toleration
D Sociology
D 0.18 Social research methods
D 1.153 Social movements, revolution
D 1.24 Social change
D 1.3+ Human ecology, environment
D 1.33 Population movement, migration
D 1.433+ Women, feminism
D 9.26+ Urban development, planning
DA Social policy
DA 1.5 Disaster relief
DA 1.53 War: humanitarian aid
DA 1.6+ Welfare state
DA 2+ Health services
DA 4+ Crime
DA 4.151 Genocide
DA 4.47 Private security
DA 5+ Prisons, penology
G Economics
G 0.1 MAR Marx: economic theory
G 0.15 Capitalism
G 8.9+ Economic development
H Politics
H 0.1+ Political thought, political theory, e.g.
H 0.1 HOB Hobbes
H 0.1 MAC Machiavelli
H 0.1 PLA Plato
H 0.1 ROU Rousseau
H 0.11 Authority, power
H 0.13 Liberalism
H 0.14 Socialism
H 0.15 Communism
H 0.16 Conservatism
H 0.17 Fascism
H 0.18 Utopianism
H 0.255 Political development
H 0.258 Nationalism
H 0.9+ History of political thought
H 1+ The state; forms of government
H 1.6 Democracy, public participation
H 1.9+ Political situation by region/country, e.g.
H 1.94 Europe
H 1.942 UK
H 1.968 South Africa
H 1.973 USA
H 1.98 South America
H 2.1 Human rights
H 2.25 Citizenship
H 2.3+ Social class
H 2.42 Trade unions
H 2.44 Protest groups, direct action
H 2.45 Military, armed forces
H 2.47 Mass media
H 2.5 Civil war, terrorism
H 2.6+ Ethnicity, race relations
H 4.21+ Electoral systems
H 5+ Political parties
H 7.172 Conflict resolution
H 7.174 Disarmament
H 8+ Parliament, legislatures
HA Public Administration
HA 0.1 Theory of governance
HA 1+ Public administration by region/country, e.g.
HA 1.4 Europe
HA 1.42 UK
HA 1.73 USA
HA 2 Central government
HA 2.21 Policy analysis
HA 2.335 Public security, prison service
HA 2.336 Public health, enviroment, climate
HA 2.337 Intelligence service
HA 2.34 Justice departments
HA 2.35 Defence departments
HA 2.393 IT and government
HA 2.5+ Civil service
HA 2.9 Accountability
HA 2.96 Public inquiries
HA 3+ Local government
HA 3.32 Local police
HB International Relations
HB 1+ By region/country
HB 2.2 United Nations
HB 2.28 UN peacekeeping
HB 2.44 EUR European Parliament
HB 3.028 Post-war recovery
HB 3.03 Defence policy
HB 3.032 Security treaties
HB 5.4 Nuclear weapons, chemical weapons
J Law
J 341+ International law
J 341.26 Recognition of states
J 341.48 Human rights law
J 341.582 Embargoes, sanctions
J 341.69 War crimes
J 342+ Constitutions
J 344.046 Environmental protection law
J 347+ Civil law