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Subject Guides

Humanitarian Response and Development

Human Rights

Recommended journals

Human Rights Quarterly    Journal of Human Rights Practice    Human Rights Law Review                  

Useful websites


United Nations Digital Library provides access to UN-produced materials in digital format. Includes UN documents, UN voting data, speeches and maps.  


United Nations Treaty Database - Provides access to the United Nations Treaty Series and multilateral treaties.


Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights - Sets standards to promote and protect human rights. Looks after monitoring and implementation.

European Court of Human Rights - Site provides access to case law of the court. 

US Department of State - Useful site providing the latest version of the annual human rights report with information on every country.  

University of Minnesota Human Rights Library - One of the largest collection of more than 60,000 core human rights documents. 

Case law

Non-governmental organisations (NGO)

Amnesty International

The British Institute of Human Rights

Freedom House

Human Rights Watch